About-us Asia Arsenic Network (AAN)

About  us

The Asia Arsenic Network (AAN) is a nongovernmental and nonprofit-making volunteer organization. Its headquarters is in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, and it has offices in Dhaka and Jessore, Bangladesh. In 1994, this organization began its journey with the loroku Spirit (walking together, working together). It envisions a world where the people of the arsenic-contaminated area have the strength to tackle arsenic problems. And also manage the arsenicosis patients. In Bangladesh, it has been mainly working on arsenic issues with its diverse experience and interdisciplinary expertise in the community, hydrogeological setting, technical know-how of safe water devices, and management of arsenicosis patients since 1996.

The AAN has a bunch of hardworking, dedicated, and experienced persons in community development, hydrogeology, engineering, chemistry, and public health. It conducts its activities in an integrated approach which develops the community through PRA (Participatory Reflection and Action), judges the community needs, and builds up ownership through users’ share collection. Then it conducts a hydrogeological feasibility survey, constructs the safe water devices, and finally makes sure the sustainable maintenance of the safe water devices. Together with this, arsenicosis patient management is carrying out its responsibility. It does not forget to integrate Local Government Institutions and line agencies to implement activities and to carry on the good Practices produced from any project.

It has a training cell that provides 11-encompassing pieces of training which are fundamentally necessary for arsenic mitigation. The AAN provides water quality testing services and consultancy for safe water device installation. Two primary focuses of our organization for the perfection of a safe water supply are Research and development. We keep a close connection with other research organizations at home and abroad. While working in the same field, we do prefer maintaining networking with organizations. We believe that togetherness is the key to success.

Our Mission

The Asia Arsenic Network envision a world where the people people of arsenic contaminated area have strength to tackle arsenic problems and the arsenicosis patients are properly managed. In Bangladesh, it wants to see a country where easy access to safe water is ensured and management of arsenicosis patients is carried out with much care and coordination of all concerned.

Our Vision

Create a heaven of safe water and healthy living for arsenic affected people.


The principles that represnt our organization are –
# Belief in the strength of the grass-root people
# Participation of the community
# Relationship with governmental institutions
# Support for arsenic victims
# Integrated approach
# Gender equity
# Innovation and creativity
# Environmental protection
# Networking
# Accountability # Professionalism